Heritage Explorer Special Issue October 2016
Nivedita – our everlasting guide

The month of October is very sacred and inspiring for every right thinking Indian, for we found our loadstar in Sister Nivedita, who was born in this month and also attained her 'Moksha' in this same month.

Born in Europe and reared in the religious environment of Christianity, she never felt free from
the self doubts about her own religious beliefs since her childhood
However, her involvement in the 'Tractarian' movement that swayed the Christian world in the nineteenth century, appeased her hunger for spiritual contentment to some extent. Unfortunately this satisfaction did not last long for she started feeling suffocated when other invisible aspects of Christianity started revealing before her impressionable mind. She failed to reconcile herself with the religious intolerance towards followers of other faiths, lack of liberalism, the rigidity of religious doctrines, absence of heartwarming spiritual joy and above all the supremacy of the clergymen in all matters of the life of a follower. A question often arose in her mind, 'is not there any religion which is above the pastoral meanness, fully humane and liberal at the same time'. When Margaret Noble was passing through this phase of self-doubt, Swami Vivekananda appeared on her spiritual horizon to guide her to her spiritual destiny.
Current Articles
S.N. Articles on North East India
1. Sinister Chinese Propositions- Reports about China's plans to divert the Brahmaputra and eventually connect it with the Yangtze have been met with considerable alarm in the Northeast.
2. Assam in turmoil
3. The Change of Religion and Language Composition in the state of Assam in Northeast India: A Statistical Analysis Since 1951 to 2001
4. Violence in Goalpara, Assam
5. Developing Manipur as the Gateway to East Asia
6. AFSPA 1958 An Eye-sore to Anti-national Elements Jagdamba Mall
7. Angami Warrior of Khonoma
8. Battle Against Burqa
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