Heritage Explorer January, 2019
The catastrophic collapse of the coal mine at Ksan village by the Lyten River under Saipung police station in East Jaintia Hills trapping 14 workers was waiting to happen for a long time. For near about 40 years the deep and dark rat-hole system of coal mining in east Jantia Hills is going on without any obstruction or restrictions, creating large cavities below the earth's surface. This not only destroyed the topography of the area but also the beauty of the undulating hillocks and the greenery of the large patches of vegetable cultivations.
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S.N. Articles on North East India
1. Sinister Chinese Propositions- Reports about China's plans to divert the Brahmaputra and eventually connect it with the Yangtze have been met with considerable alarm in the Northeast.
2. Assam in turmoil
3. The Change of Religion and Language Composition in the state of Assam in Northeast India: A Statistical Analysis Since 1951 to 2001
4. Violence in Goalpara, Assam
5. Developing Manipur as the Gateway to East Asia
6. AFSPA 1958 An Eye-sore to Anti-national Elements Jagdamba Mall
7. Angami Warrior of Khonoma
8. Battle Against Burqa
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